1954 NOS Universal-Rundle Corp. #4576 ~ Only White Left! $299

I have several of these New Old Stock U/R sinks available in various colors! (One White left)

(The yellow sink is sold)

(The blue pair are sold)

(The green sink is sold)

(Last pic shows the blue pair installed at The Stanley Hotel built in 1909)

21″ x 18″ with deep bowls.

You couldn’t possibly find one any nicer than this!

Price shown is for cash & carry only.

***SOLD*** 1950 American~Standard Alcove Pembroke 66″ Bath Tub in Corallin Pink!

Gorgeous Corallin Pink 1950 American~Standard Pembroke 66″ Alcove Tub!

Removed from a lake front home in prestigious Belle Isle, Florida!

These 66″ long tubs are very scarce and desirable!

I would rate this one a 99%er as far as condition goes!

(Also shown are matching toilet and console sink in the same beautiful Corallin Pink that are also available separately)

Local pick up in Spring Hill, FL. 34610 or I have numbers for my shippers.

***SOLD*** 1956 Crane Criterion Citrus Yellow Console Sink with Legs!

Henry Dreyfuss Design- VERY RARE, Crane Criterion Bathroom Console Sink (Citrus Yellow porcelain with original faucet set).

This is a genuine, original Crane Criterion porcelain sink from 1956 designed by Henry Dreyfuss. It is in perfect original condition, with original streamline design faucet valves, spout and strainer. This sink includes a pair of legs. Based on the brochure, these sinks were offered as drop in or leg mounted. The option to do either, still remains with this unit.


(Toilet and accessories sold separately)

Here is a chipped white one that just sold for $1000! https://www.ebay.com/itm/115314187473?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649

***SOLD*** NOS American Standard “Madbrook” Complete Toilet!

American~Standard Madbrook Water Closet!

New Old Stock Low Tank-Wall Mounted Tank Rear Spud Toilet that has never seen water!

It would be absolutely impossible to find a nicer one!

The actual year is unknown, but it is the same design since the 1930’s! These were still being manufactured into the 1960’s, although not very often seen!

These were found in an old plumbing supply house and the original lid was not in the same vicinity, but we have a perfect used tank lid to go with it! Also includes a new float ball and 90 degree flush pipe! (not shown)

Commode Base: 16-1/4″ in Length: Front to Back

Width Across the Flush Hole: 9″

Center of Flush Hole to Rear of Base: 4-3/4″

Floor Mount Holes: 6″ Center to Center, (also being 4-3/4″ from rear of base).

Bowl Height: 15″

Bowl Width: 14″ OD

Bowl Length: 14-1/2″

Inside Diameter of Bowl: 12-1/4″ ID X 10″ ID

Bowl Length to Seat Hinge Center Point: 16-3/4″

Top Length of Commode: 18″

(One picture shows a toilet set up in similar fashion)

***SOLD*** Victorian Era Cast Iron Pedestal Bath with Glass Enclosed Canopy Needle Shower! RARE, RARE, RARE!

Here is an absolute rarity to find in the United States! Usually in the UK only!

1890’s Cast Iron 74″ Pedestal Tub with the Self-Contained Brass Canopy, Glass Encased, Needle Shower that has been remarkably preserved and in meticulous condition!

We are unsure of the actual manufacturer of this magnificent piece, but it is truly a work of art and unlikely to be replaced by anything else on the market these days!

Remember, They Are Only Original Once!

We will assist in the disassembling and loading with the shipper of your choice!

(We have shippers of our own to recommend as well!)